Saturday, August 17

A Late Birthday Present

Earlier this week I received the first of three gifts from my sister, Sophie. She signed me up for the Umba box , which means I will be receiving a parcel of two to three hand-crafted items in the mail for three months.

This is what I found inside my first parcel:

I got a pair of handmade earrings by Elizabeth Ashlie Jewellery and this world map cutting board by Richwood Creations, which I think is made of maple.


I think the concept of the umbra box is not only a delightful experience for the customer, because who doesn't love receiving presents in the mail? but this also provides great exposure and support for self-employed artists. It's things like this that make me consider quitting my job to become self employed. However, my idea of being self employed is watching movies all day and casually knitting pieces to sell. I don't think that kind of work mentality will pay the rent.

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