Sunday, August 18

Garage Sales and Edible Bouquets

Going to garage sales is one of my favourite weekend activities, I'd say it's tied with hiking and coffee drinking, and although it was an overcast day there were many sales to choose from.

I picked up some nice English China, which I hope to use for future posts, and some interesting tin molds. I'm not sure what the molds are to be used for exactly, the woman who sold them to me said they were her grandmothers so she was unsure of their purpose. I imagine I could use them for panna cotta or fruit jellies. I also found some free vintage fabric with an English Ivy print that would make great kitchen curtains.

I also purchased some flowers from the market. I bought two stalks of amaranth and selected a pretty bouquet composed of echinacea flowers, thyme, sage, and cinnamon basil. The cinnamon basil is so fragrant and lovely; I wish you all could smell it.

Photo on the left courtesy of Sophie.

Before heading to the beach I bought a coffee and a root beer flavoured doughnut. Unfortunately I took those pictures with my film camera, so I have no photos to share until they are developed.

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