Friday, August 16

Sick Day

I have been feeling under the weather lately and so I wanted to take time to rest and let my body repair. Of all days, today was the most idyllic one to chose for a day of rest. I awoke to an autumnal scene of fog and crisp air that just begged to be a day spent inside knitting and watching movies. How could I say no? I think my cat, Elsie, agreed.

To make the day more lovely, I received a parcel from Demetria. It was a sweetly curated assortment of finds from the east coast along with two letters. One for myself and two for my sister

Time spent reading a letter from a dear friend, with the accompaniment of a fresh bakery treat and a hot mug of nettle tea, beautifully completed my day of restoration.


  1. this is lovely. pretty and wordy and are those film photos? always so gorgeous!

    1. Awe, thanks! I use a combination of film and digital. I don't have a digital camera of my own, so I borrow friends' cameras whenever I can.